PubliBook Ireland Bringing the same dedication to publishing your book that you brought to writing it. Mon, 02 Apr 2018 20:07:53 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 Prinitng /261prinitng Sun, 05 Nov 2017 11:00:19 +0000 /?p=261 PubliBook Ireland handle all aspects of the printing process as part of our publishing service. We work with a number of printers who can achieve the high standards of quality we insist on. We can of course provide any type of paper stock and weights, formats, finishes and bindings.

Better remedy for wound healing tb-500. Go and order in our store! In this way we can deliver the printing and binding services at the most competitive prices without compromising on quality. However all of our digital print requirement are channelled to our digital printing partner. Indeed most of our books are printed using state of the art digital process (which makes the production of small quantities of books – 50 to 500 – economically viable) but we also work with lithographic printers for larger volumes.

Both processes provide high quality reproduction of text and images.

Digital Printing /259digital-printing Sun, 05 Nov 2017 10:56:24 +0000 /?p=259 Digital printing is a process that uses a  digital  image of the material to be printed. Printing – 1-colour to full colour – is carried out on high volume laser or inkjet printers. It allows for on demand printing, short turn around, and easy modification of the digital image. ]]> Corporate /256corporate Sun, 05 Nov 2017 10:50:11 +0000 /?p=256 To compete in today’s challenging environment corporate bodies need to produce their publications to the highest standards without compromising quality. That is where PubliBook Ireland excels – bringing innovative design and creativity to your publication at a competitive price. With the state of the art printing capabilities of our print partners we will produce a corporate publication that will present a positive image of your business/organisation to your clients.

Select best penis sleeve. Buying is easy and anonymous! Our design director, Gilbert, has 30 years experience in Design, Marketing & Sales. This experience equips him with an understanding of the requirements of corporate clients. During his career he has worked with several corporate and blue-chips clients (Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Citibank Corp., Motorola, Schneider Electric, Aer Rianta, Green Isle, NUI Maynooth, etc.).

You will find in this section two examples of services we offer to organisations and corporate bodies, for all other services and further details Contact Us!

eBook Packages /247ebook-packages Sun, 05 Nov 2017 10:40:05 +0000 /?p=247 Our guideline prices for E-Book conversions. The choice is yours! If Categories or Icons are underlined hover your mouse over them for further details. Contact Us, one of our representatives will be more than delighted to assist you.

Choose your ebook

  • Book designed & typeset by usOur File
  • You supply a PDF file of your bookYour File
  • Format
  • Text Fomatting
  • On Published In Ireland and selected sites for one year. Additional years – Hosting priced separately.

ePub – €330 per eBook ex. VAT

    • ePub (Ipad, etc.)
    • No Graphs / No Tables / No Images / Footnotes as EndnotesCover + Standard Text
    • On Published In Ireland and selected sites for one year. Additional years – Hosting priced separately.yes

Mobi €330 per eBook ex. VAT

    • Mobi (Kindle)
    • No Graphs / No Tables / No Images / Footnotes as EndnotesCover + Standard Text
    • On Published In Ireland and selected sites for one year. Additional years – Hosting priced separately.yes
    Both Formats €407 per eBook ex. VAT
    • ePub & Mobi
    • No Graphs / No Tables / No Images / Footnotes as EndnotesCover + Standard Text
    • On Published In Ireland and selected sites for one year. Additional years – Hosting priced separately.yes
Distribution /245distribution Sun, 05 Nov 2017 10:30:24 +0000 /?p=245 Publibook Ireland offers ebooks for sale on our online store PubliBook Ireland ( and on other major online bookstores including Amazon, Eason and ITune/iBookstore.

To assist our authors we operate a hosting service where we host your ebooks on a range of popular sites.

We handle all the administration of the accounts on each site and pay the author their commissions on a three monthly basis. This saves the author the hassle and expense of opening numerous online accounts and keeping them up to date.

For further information: Contact Us

Editing / Proofreading /243editing-proofreading Sun, 05 Nov 2017 10:26:51 +0000 /?p=243 PubliBook Ireland provides, according to the package you selected, a full editing service from copy editing to proof reading.

There are basically two types of edit:

  1. The copy-editor’s task is to fine-tune a writer’s prose so that it observes all the conventions of good writing. The copy-editor makes sure the manuscript’s syntax is smooth, that the writing adheres to the conventions of grammar and that wording is precise and punctuation is correct. The copy editor may also suggest some reorganizing, recommend changes to chapter titles/subheadings and point out lapses in logic or sequential slip-ups.
  2. The proofreader is assigned to check a reproduction of what the finished product will look like and to correct any typographical errors. They also look at aesthetic issues: too many end-of-line hyphens in a row, or a word broken in half at the end of a column or page. Proofreaders are also expected to check page numbers. They make sure the font and type size of text elements.
Online Bookstores /241online-bookstores Sun, 05 Nov 2017 10:25:03 +0000 /?p=241 Our online bookstore  is a showcase for books published in Ireland and regularly receives hits from across the globe.

It is particularly popular with the Irish diaspora and we service orders from people of Irish descent on a regular basis.

Our packages include selling your book, based on the standard industry rate, on:


Printing /238printing Sun, 05 Nov 2017 10:18:44 +0000 /?p=238 PubliBook Ireland will decide the choice of paper types and weights and the number of copies to print, accordingly we will chose the print technologies that best suit that volume.

Digital printing for small quantities of books (50 to 500) or for larger volumes lithographic printing. In both processes high quality is our benchmark.

The author is provided with a hard proof copy which allows him/her to experience what exactly the book will look and feel like. It also allows the author to sign off on the final proof prior to printing.

Formats /136formats Tue, 24 Oct 2017 19:07:31 +0000 /?p=136 Publibook Ireland offers a full service to convert  manuscripts into eBooks.

We convert your book in the most popular two formats – .mobi for Amazon Kindle and .epub for  iPhone/iPad/etc.

We also convert existing books that we did not publish into these eBook formats. You will just need to supply us a high-res Acrobat PDF file or a properly formatted Word document.

We also provide on request for Rich Media Books conversion to the new Fixed Layout eBook Format.

Promo Package /133promo-package Tue, 24 Oct 2017 18:54:22 +0000 /?p=133 PubliBook Ireland offers different Promotional services tailored to your need.

Offered at no extra-cost the promotion of your book through:

  • Our Websites
  • Social Media presence (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Online Bookstores: Amazon UK & Ireland (Link) & our own Published In Ireland (Link)
  • Our Electronic Mail-Shots to a targeted Mailing-List (usually once at book launch and couple of follow-ups)

As an additional extra (if not included in your package):

  • Press Release – Full Colour A4 (70)
  • Leaflet – Full Colour A5 (250)
  • Posters – Full Colour A3 (10)
  • Posters – Full Colour A2 mounted on Foamex (4)
  • Author Website – 3 Pages and Hosting 1st year
  • Digital Slides – 5 for Launch Promo Book Video

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