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Self-publishing sometimes referred to as partnership publishing involves an author commissioning a publisher to arrange the publication of their book. It differs from traditional publishing in that the author controls the process fully and the publisher produces a book to the authors specification. The author pays for this service and then arranges the sale of the books. Initially small quantities of a book can be produced (50 plus) and reprints are then arranged as required.
Publishing a book can be a daunting task unless you have the support of an experienced partner. That’s where we at PubliBook Ireland come in. We take the mystery out of publishing. We advise and assist our authors at every step from preparation of the manuscript through editing, design, printing to legal deposits.
We provide you with a contract in simple English that sets out what our commitment to you is. The contract also details what you the author commits to. The contract is accompanied by a service agreement which gives more detail on each and every one of the services we will provide you with. For self-publishing authors the exact cost of the services are outlined with no hidden extras. In this way the author is protected and understand how their book will be published.
By working with us at PubliBook Ireland ! The process has a number of distinct phases: - Preparation of manuscript - Editing - Design of cover and internal layout - Preparation and sign off of proof copy - Printing and binding - Delivery of completed book - Legal deposits to secure copyright At each step we at PubliBook Ireland bring our expertise and support to the process to make it all happen for you the author.
No complicated software required! You simply prepare the manuscript in Microsoft Word or similar (file format .doc, .rtf or .txt) and send it to us through the form of our Contact Us page. We look after all the design, formatting and typesetting.
The minimum quantity is 50 books there is no maximum. The higher the quantity printed the lower the unit cost per book. To produce a book a minimum of 50 pages is required with a maximum of 750 pages. Except for our start-up package, you may choose any dimension up-to A4 which best suit your book theme, our representatives will be delighted to assist you in the choice.
PubliBook Ireland provides a full editing service from copy editing to proof reading.. There are basically two types of edit:
- The copy-editor’s task is to fine-tune a writer’s prose so that it observes all the conventions of good writing. The copy-editor makes sure the manuscript’s syntax is smooth, that the writing adheres to the conventions of grammar and that wording is precise and punctuation is correct. The copy editor may also suggest some reorganizing, recommend changes to chapter titles/subheadings and point out lapses in logic or sequential slip-ups.
- The proofreader is assigned to check a reproduction of what the finished product will look like and to correct any typographical errors. They also look at aesthetic issues: too many end-of-line hyphens in a row, or a word broken in half at the end of a column or page. Proofreaders are also expected to check page numbers. They make sure the font and type size of text elements.
PubliBook Ireland will agree the cover design with you. We will also supply you with a hard copy proof which you will sign off on before your book order is printed. This is your book and at all times you retain control of the pre-print process.
We provide a full publishing service which includes printing. We work in partnership with a select number of printers who can achieve the high standards of quality we insist on. In this way we can deliver the printing and binding services at the most competitive prices without compromise. Most of our books are printed using state of the art digital process but we also work with lithographic printers for larger volumes.
ISBN and legal deposits are a very important part of the technical part of publishing your book and we at PubliBook Ireland take care of both for you. ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique tracking number which working with a barcode identifies your book. It is essential if you want to sell your book through bookshops or online stores. Legal deposits are how you secure your copyright so that nobody else can use your work without your written permission. Nine copies of your book are lodged in leading libraries (Trinity College, National Library of Ireland, British Library, etc).
The most effective way of selling the initial print of your book is a well organized launch. PubliBook Ireland will advise you on organizing such a launch. PubliBook Ireland also provides online sales and marketing through its dedicated online sales site www.publishedinireland.com. We also issue prepare a press release featuring a full colour image of your book cover which we distribute to selected media.
Yes. We reprint using the same files and material that were used in the first print of your publication, so a second print run will be of exactly the same quality as the first print run. If you want to update the book we can make amendments as required. The good news is the cost of straight reprints per book is much lower because all design work etc. has already been carried out.
Can I have my book published as an e-book? Yes ! We publish e-books in two formats:
- Epub – (IPhone, IPad, etc.)
- Mobi – (Kindle Amazon). While there are many e-book formats we have decided to use these two as the most readily available for readers. We sell our e-books on our online store www.writteninireland.com and distribute them on other selected sites including Amazon. We will also handle all the administration of online accounts for a single annual fee. We can convert your hard copy book to an e-book or we can publish your manuscript in e-book format only. The choice is yours !
Copyright of all text remains with the author and we secure copyright through legal deposits.

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