PubliBook Ireland handle all aspects of the printing process as part of our publishing service. We work with a number of printers who can achieve the high standards of quality we insist on. We can of course provide any type of paper stock and weights, formats, finishes and bindings. In …

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Digital Printing

Digital printing is a process that uses a  digital  image of the material to be printed. Printing – 1-colour to full colour – is carried out on high volume laser or inkjet printers. It allows for on demand printing, short turn around, and easy modification of the digital image.

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Lithographic Printing

Lithographic printing is a process that uses a negative or image of the manuscript produced on a “plate” or metal film. This process is particularly suitable for large volume printing (e.g. in excess of 500 copies of a book). Set up times are longer and the process is less flexible …

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