Third Stroke Did It. The Staggered End of European Civilisation


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During the last ninety-odd years, three big blows were struck against European civilisation by the Russian Revolution, the German Nazi Revolution and the Second American Revolution. The last of these, launched in the 1960s-70s by left liberals with the support of American capitalism, shapes the West today. Desmond Fennell argues that while European civilisation in Europe and America survived the first two assaults, it will not recover from the third. After the left-liberal-capitalist regime has run its sense-less course, it will dissolve into social chaos out of which a new civilisation will arise, consigning Europe’s to history.

Such is the gist of the main essay which gives this book its title. It is followed by essays which explore ancillary phenomena of the neo-liberal regime — feminism, the West’s ‘soft’ totalitarianism, the special position of the Jews, the European Union. Turning to Ireland in particular, Fennell discusses the untold history of the Irish Revolution, the disintegration of the nation that carried out that revolution, the ongoing anti-suicide campaign, the Catholic Church since Vatican II. With the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Rising in sight, he recalls in a commemorative essay the humanism that motivated that insurrection.

Overriding all other Irish themes is Fennell’s dismay over the bias against creative thought and thinkers that has developed in Ireland since the end of the Anglo-Irish cultural ascendancy. The three-part essay ‘On Thinking in Ireland’ — its second part beginning ‘I know what I am talking about’ — deals with this.

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Dr Desmond Fennell is a cultural and political philosopher. Born in Belfast, educated in Dublin and Bonn, he is author of many books on Irish and international matters of which the most recent are The Revision of European History (2003); About Behaving Normally in Abnormal Circumstances (2005); and Ireland After the End of Western Civilisation (2009).

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