Being & Belonging. A Philosophy of the Future


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There is at present hidden from view, a spirit of our times, something that might be referred to as a Zeitgeist; a reaction to the culture-consuming process of globalisation and the humanitarian and ecological consequences of a dysfunctional democracy and the free market. As these ongoing crises proceed towards their predictable endpoints this Zeitgeist will emerge as the only logical and viable alternative for the continued existence of our species.

In this thought provoking and challenging book Marcus de Brun examines the nature of human instinct which he argues is based on the imperative to be and belong. He forcibly argues that the unhappiness and dysfunction of our market led society arises out of misunderstood instinct.

Society is now faced with an ultimatum: either we evolve a philosophical and political system that is compatible with basic morality and global ecology, or we face the consequences of a deepening personal and social unhappiness, impending ecological collapse, humanitarian disasters and war.

This book is about happiness; individual happiness and social happiness. To achieve happiness we must understand our needs and to reconcile those needs we must understand our instinct. When we see our instinct we see the object towards which nature is striving and we glimpse the potential to be at peace with the universe.

By far the most productive pursuit of happiness begins, and ends, with an understanding of one’s own desires, only then can they be satisfied in a manner that is conducive to the best and most sustainable experience of happiness. The deeper desires of the individual are universal, and whilst this book does not propose to be a ‘handbook for individual happiness’ it does aim at a better understanding of the universal instinctual desire that bids us to be, and to belong.

The Author

Dr. Marcus de Brun is General Practitioner working and living in Dublin. From being expelled from boarding school to qualifying as a General Practitioner his life and career have been colourful. Dr De Brun writes for the Medical Press and his articles are invariably controversial. He is a resolute critic of the Irish medical establishment, and believes that it is one of many blatant examples of institutional corruption that currently paralyse the social, cultural and intellectual development of the Irish people and the Irish State.

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