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Pricing and Book packages

These three packages of 200 books should cover the requirements and budget of most authors, however as in publishing many options and permutations are available they should be considered as guidelines only to assist you in your selection by comparing “like-to-like“. For a “first run”, our minimum printing quantity is of 100 books.

In the event you wish to reprint, you will find at the bottom of this page – again as a guideline – the relevant “like-to-like” three columns pricing table. For a reprint, our minimum printing quantity is of 50 books.

If Categories or Icons are underlined hover your mouse over them – a “pop-up” window will appear with further details. Contact Us, one of our representatives will be more than delighted to assist you.

If these packages don’t cover your requirements, please don’t hesitate to send us a Quote Request by clicking here.

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